34th Annual Art Festival at Thornebrook

October 13 - 14, 2018

10 am – 5 pm


Once again Thornebrook’s annual art festival offers music almost as varied as the visual arts that set the stage. Some of the area’s most-loved performers will be on hand to play a variety of music that’s sure to please almost every taste and still leave plenty of space for conversation.

JAZZ - Saturday features Gosia & Ali  with some very sweet and lovely sounds.  This celebrated duo plays jazz in such a thoughtful manner that we remember why we love this music so much. These are consummate pros and the sweetest people around.


COUNTRY & AMERICANA - Boulware & Stewart return once more cook up some country sounds with great, sincere vocals and a reliable guitar twang. This band will make you believe in the charm and power of country music with wit and conviction.  Barbara Johnson plays the upright bass, and as an extra treat, Jon Alexander joins in on steel guitar.


POP VOCALS from the 60s through the 90s. – The Killer B’s create quite a buzz with their great guitar duo offering very listenable pop. This father/son band performs 3 sets on Saturday and we are willing to bet that a lot of your favorites will be included. There’s nothing like “blood harmony”.


BLUES – Stava Mala adds a little electronic processing to his fine guitar work and kicks up the energy to another level of cool. Stop by and say “hi” to this hip, kind, bluesy guy.


JAZZ & STANDARDS – The Cathy Dewitt Trio offers some of the best music around. This talented trio focuses on the best of the Great American Songbook and Cathy’s jazzy vocals are a staple of the musical scene in town


ECCLECTIC LATIN and EUROPEAN – The Dozenaires range through the repertoire  from Samba and Bossa Nova to Irish and French tunes. This talented group comes from far and wide bringing some very fun and listenable sounds to the Eastern end of the show.


LIGHT CLASSICAL MUSIC - We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the string ensemble called the Annasemble Chamber Orchestra.  Violins, violas, cello and string bass unite to make timeless, elegant music and a lovely atmosphere.


BARBERSHOP - The Barbergators will wander throughout the show   and stop now and then for a little fun in four parts.


SOFT ROCK – Middle Ground stars Barbara and Paul Armbrecht on guitar and bass. Their spot-on interpretations of old favorites are a pleasant soundtrack to a nice afternoon at a quiet festival of the arts.


BRASS BAND - The Santa Fe Brass make it feel like you are visiting a traditional town square in Early Anywhere, USA. There is nothing like a brass band. Be sure to catch them Saturday morning at 11 near the clock tower.


SWING - A fun and energetic band, Uptown Swing will be featured on Sunday afternoon with engaging up-tempo tunes done light and sweet with a licorice stick. They will perform at the Eastern Extension at 12, 2 and 4 p.m.


CLASSICAL GUITAR – With a wholly engaging repertoire of   classical etudes and Spanish  dance, served with professional élan, the brilliant sounds of Raymond Lohengrin will be featured on Sunday afternoon at 12, 2 and 4 p.m. on the western side of the show.


AMERICANA – Susan David has a million of ‘em! She draws her music and style from the days of the singer/songwriter.  Susan will be making the festival sweet and breezy on Saturday at 11, 1 and 3 out on the Western Reach.


GUITAR JAZZ – Karl Weismantel  demonstrates a fine jazz touch and technique on beautiful selections from Samba to Standards. It is a treat to have him play 3 sets in his wonderful style.