34th Annual Art Festival at Thornebrook

October 13 - 14, 2018

10  am – 5 pm


Roosters by Terry Smith

Terry was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent many hours roaming the woods along the rivers and creeks of North and Central Georgia.  “From these experiences he developed a desire to place on canvas what he had seen and experienced in the outdoors,” says Terry.  After moving to Florida he was able to explore swamps, wetlands and view birds and animals that were new to him.

 Terry started painting in 1977 and has been a full time artist since 1999 when he retired.  He paints what he knows best...outdoors and wildlife.  One of his favorite things to do is to go into nearby swamps and wetlands; there the textures and odors can be experienced firsthand.   He loves to observe the light as it picks its way through the foliage; such sights and scenes inspire him when painting. He enjoys painting in acrylic, oil and watercolor.

 Terry has painted for corporations, banks, and conservation groups.  He is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Miniature Art Society of Florida, North Tampa Arts League and paints with Plein Air groups in his area.

Artist Statement:

I love nature and wildlife, this is what inspires me the most for it is what I know the best.

I feel the need to paint as much of the vanishing Florida as I can.  My desire to place the subjects of my paintings in their natural habitat of native plants pushes me to learn more than ever.

Miriam Novack

Dream Walk

Kathy Carnevale


Mike Segal

Toot Toot

SP Catching Air  by Sue Primeau


Since childhood Sue has had a passion to paint and draw.  If paper and drawing implements were unavailable she found any tool at hand and carved imagery into wood furnishings.  Her first introduction to painting was in oils, later she explored acrylics, and then she dabbled with some pastels.  Nothing really worked for her however until some 25 years ago when Sue became hooked on watercolor, mesmerized by its challenges and incredible beauty.  Realizing watercolor was her preferred medium she promised herself her paintings would be bold and full of life.

Sue continues to seek instruction from a number of extraordinary watercolorists and teachers from a myriad of disciplines.  As a watercolor instructor herself, she finds joy exploring the medium through the eyes of her students and excitement in each person’s growth.

Sue Primeau, ARTIST BIO:

Ocala artist Sue Primeau finds inspiration in her travels and the beauty that surrounds her everyday life.  Sue works primarily in watercolor and refers to her work as abstract reality.  She's been licensed on greeting cards and many of her works and painting lessons are published in four how-to books by internationally known, WI artist, Karlyn Holman.  Sue continues to earn awards for her work, including an award for her 2017 entry juried in to the prestigious Florida Watercolor Society.  Aside from painting Sue loves to teach watercolor locally and abroad.  Find Sue’s portfolio at www.teamingpondinc.com or through her affiliations with Artist Alley Gallery, Marion Cultural Alliance, Florida Watercolor Society, Ocala Art Group, Visual Artists Society and the Citrus Watercolor Society.

Dogwood Springs by Tina Corbett

      I paint in a realist style...realism that your soul can feel. I love to evoke emotion in the natural beauty of things, inclining to paint in bold colors and extend on nature's brilliance.

     Painting en Plein Air especially, has inspired this art journey in a way that I never thought possible and I look forward to each paintout with exciting anticipation.


Tina Corbett Bio:

     Growing up in South Florida and presently living in High Springs, Florida, Tina Corbett has devoted her life to her study of art.  Throughout the years, she studied Fine Art Oil Painting with several fine art teachers. At 24, she graduated with a Commercial Art Certification from Miami Lakes Tech and served as the Postal Art Illustrator for the South Florida District Post Office for 17 years until her move to northern Florida. There she has decided to pursue her first love, fine art oil painting. Tina still practices graphic art designing for several local art festivals and is the graphic artist for the Gainesville Fine Arts Association.

     These past years she has actively pursued Plein Air painting. This particular area of Florida has inspired her creativity with its “artsy” spirit and its wonderful array of springs, beautiful ranches, farms and historic “Old Florida”.  Tina has also been inspired to delve into Abstract Art with her involvement with GFAA.

     She is an active member and on the board of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and a member of Plein Air Florida. She has work hanging in The Rum 138 Art Gallery in Fort White, FL. and now in her own gallery The Lanza Gallery & Art Supplies in High Springs, FL.  Tina regularly participates in various Art Festivals and Plein Air Events around the state of Florida.

Sun Flowers by Debra J. Lindberg

Encaustic Collage Artist

Artistic inspiration came at an early age as Debra was often found exploring the streams and woods with her grandfather. Her first artistic work "Love Is" was a poster-sized John Lennon collage created in high school. In the late 70's Debra explored Sumi-e painting, taking classes and producing a number of art pieces. By 1980 she was creating needle lace dragonfly art jewelry pins and 3-D framed needle lace art. Then, with a renewed interest in painting, Debra explored oil painting with exciting results. The longer drying times of oils created an issue so acrylics were next on her artistic journey. In 2007, with the desire to create more depth in her acrylic collages, Deb found the perfect medium, encaustic painting, which involves using a heated beeswax and resin mixture to which colored pigments can be added. While researching and exploring encaustic, Debra has attended several encaustic workshops as well as continued on-line research propelling her into a present day artistic success. With lifelong inspirations and influences such as her gardening and photography, Debra's current work incorporates a traditional wax medium and paint process with the inclusion of collage.

"As a collage artist, I find that encaustic provides the perfect ethereal beauty and depth in the work that I love to create"

Debra's encaustics frequently include many other elements such as oil paints, pastels, various hand-printed papers, photo prints and transfers, carbon transfers, leaves, flowers and just about anything else that makes the piece work.

For more information contact Debra at debrajlin@gmail.com or see her work at ArtTasting.com

Lyn White

2 Bricks Shy of a Load

Jacquelynne Collett


Doll by Regina Roper

Dimensional Seed Bead Artist

I started doing bead embroidery 5 or so years ago and am a self-taught artist currently living in Gainesville, FL. I make jewelry, 2D canvases with beadwork embellishment, and 3D beaded figures, boxes and sculptural pieces.  My interest in beads goes back to the 1960’s when my older sister and I strung ‘love beads’ and made daisy chains. Later came loom work, and them embroidery and weaving.

Inspiration for my work comes from nature, mythology, dreams, and legends

I have been fortunate to have received awards several times for my work, both as a body of work, and for individual pieces. I do 3-4 art festivals per year, and exhibits in between, mainly at the Gainesville Fine Arts Association gallery. I am a current member of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association.

A gallery of past and present work can be viewed at the following places online:

Ceinwin.deviantart.com (scrollable gallery)

Pinterest (Bead Embroidery by Regina Roper)

Facebook (Handcrafted Beaded Art and Jewelry by Regina Roper)


Artist Statement

I grew up on the Gulf Coast beaches of Texas. The ocean has always been a huge   source of inspiration for me. A lifelong beachcomber, I am inspired to base many of my pieces on the ocean and the mythology surrounding it. I am also inspired by nature as a whole and the mythology of the ancient Celtic and Norse people.


Beads are humankind’s oldest documented form of adornment and span all known cultures. My beadwork is dimensional and incorporates many diverse elements: natural stones, worked stones, shells and fossils, clay, found objects, silks and other fabrics, and vintage and contemporary fine faceted crystal. The beads are a mix of antique (c1890-1940), vintage (c 1940-1980) and contemporary.  I also fuse my own fibers and make cloth to bead on. Techniques used are embroidery, weaving,  andraised texture beadwork. I make jewelry, and also 3D figures (dolls, boxes, spheres, masks, vessels)


I am 100% self-taught. I have never attended instructive classes, and my designs are original and do not come from patterns. The process is exacting and time consuming. 3D sculptural pieces and large jewelry pieces can consume over 150 actual hours of work to complete. Each bead is sewn on by hand, focal elements are sewn on and/or glued with industrial strength epoxy, and the pieces are backed and finished completely around all edges including the back.

I have been fortunate to receive multiple awards for both my body of work, and for individual pieces. I enjoy participating in 3-4 art festivals each year, and in events held by the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery.

I have a gallery online at:  ceinwin.deviantart.com

I am also on Facebook at: Handcrafted Beaded Art and Jewelry by Regina Roper

Egret Quilt by Candace McCaffery

My educational background is in biology.  I worked for UF as a

biologist for 37 years, retiring in 2014.  I also worked on my

artwork, improving my skills and developing new techniques during the

time I worked at UF.  My interest in nature shows up in my original

designs through the use of pattern, texture and color.  I love to

experiment with surface design techniques, transforming plain white

fabrics into something much more.  The last few years I have been

interested in creating more dimensional pieces with my fabrics.  It is

a challenge that I have been enjoying exploring.

Copper Vase with Fringe by Steve Howell

Studio potter since 1982.

Lived here in Gainesville since`1992

BFA in studio art from University of Texas at Austin 1975

MFA in ceramics from Wichita State University  1977

Taught at Johnson State College in Johnson, Vt. And Penland School of Crafts in Penland N.C.

I have proudly made my living (no support) from my work 35 years.

Made my first pot 47 years ago in 1970.


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